There’s something about dreaming big that both excites and scares me, especially when that dream is an actual possibility.

My whole life I’ve felt that I didn’t quite belong in the regular, corporate world. I never settled in jobs, always thinking of when I can move on. I moved house every six months when I could afford to, and my mind never turned to marriage or children.

I wanted to be free; a human shouldn’t have to work tirelessly for the ‘privilege’ of laying their head down to sleep at night with a belly full of food. Yet that’s the hoop that almost seven billion people jump through every single day for sixty-something years.

Not me. I decided earlier this year that I’d had enough of that.

Living free isn’t about not having to spend money, an impossibility in the modern world. It’s about not being locked into 12 month rental contracts, not being forced to work 12 hours a day to pay for an apartment you’re never in. I figure, if I can make my own living, just enough to pay for the necessities and a few occasional treats, then all the hard work leading up to it would be worth it.

I have a lot to do. I need to learn to drive, save up for the van, move to Norway for three months, get my Norwegian Identification Number and then I can buy a van and travel to my heart’s content. Along with that I want to improve my physical fitness, lose some weight and learn how to focus on my dream no matter how hard it all gets.

To aid myself in this, I have this big whiteboard right next to my desk with a bunch of stuff to motivate me. I can’t recommend this enough, it helps so much!

Right now, I can’t even drive! You’re probably wondering why I even started the blog so early, given how far off the actual travelling part of my life is. I wanted to bring you along for the ride – the entire ride. I haven’t seen a blog that shows you how to achieve your dream, only half-hearted ‘guides’ of telling you to ‘just do it’, like that ever helped anyone.

I want you to join me. I am going to change my life, starting from today. My hope is that it might just inspire you to change yours, too.


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