Today I applied for my Provisional Driving Licence. I think in America they call it a Driver’s Permit.

The excitable side of my brain has this terrible habit of trying to deal with every issue all at once. Being a good multi-tasker, the good sense side of my brain never tries to stop it. What happens then, is it all mountains on my shoulders and it all comes crumbling down. I turn into that grammar-bot in the Simpsons that explodes when it’s overloaded with cheesy mob vernacular.

To combat this, I’ve broken the entire lead-up to the trip into simplistic steps. Get those little steps done and don’t even think about the rest until it’s the next task in hand. There’s little point. It’s like trying to drive before you’ve even learned to crawl.

This feels good. I’ve been dreaming and thinking and talking about doing something like this for such a long time that it feels so good to finally begin taking physical steps towards actually reaching the end goal.

Speaking of goals, I want to very briefly talk about the vlog. I can’t decide when to actually begin making videos. On one level, I want the vlog to be a sort of visual, condensed mirror of the blog. Same overall content niche, but a different angle, as it were. But I also don’t want the vlog to be boring. Visual mediums are meant to be exciting and pretty, after all!

Whatever I decide, first I need a memory card. I seem to have lost my 64GB card so unless I can find it, I am stuck with a handful of 2GB cards that have low write-speed. So it looks like that’ll probably be the next purchase to make.

Oh, and I finally put aside my first bit of savings towards the van. Excited!


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