I won’t lie. I’m a pretty technology-imbued person. Most of my hobbies involve using some kind of computer system, whether it’s blogging, writing, gaming or content creation in general. I am settling with myself each day that once I get into that lifestyle, a laptop – plus the power to run it – will become a luxury, not something I can take for granted whenever I please. Console gaming will have to go out of the window entirely.

The first-worldness of all of this hasn’t escaped me, believe me. But it is the world I live in; even with the extremely limited income that I have, such things are often cheap and easy enough to attain that it’s easy to drown yourself in simple, electronic luxuries these days. For example, most of my recent technological or game-related purchases have involved no cash whatsoever, just exchanging them for old, unwanted items.

The digital world isn’t all I’ll be seeing less of once I move to van-dwelling permanently. As an oil painter, I’ll have wave goodbye to my easel, my art supplies and my canvasses. Oil paint takes days to be touch-dry, and there simply won’t be space to keep all of my work (especially given that I won’t have any walls or large storage areas where they will keep safely).

Couple that with the fact that it’s downright dangerous to paint with oils inside a tiny van-space, it’s just not possible. I will miss it when it has to go, I can’t lie. I have poured hundreds of pounds and hours into my passion for painting, and it will be a hard things to give up when the time comes.

As a compromise, I’ll swap oil painting for watercolour. It’s easy, dries fast, and requires less ‘fuss’.

But my point here is that sometimes, a sacrifice of something you love has to be made in order to be happy. Kind of a ‘if you love it, let it go’, except with stuff and not people. I’m just not the sort of person who would thrive with a mortgage over her head, nor the same view from my window until I grow old a die. It works for some, it doesn’t for me.

Perhaps one day I will find a way to include oil painting and van-dwelling without running into space or health issues.

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