Oh wow, has it really been a month since I updated this thing!?

I just wanted to touch base and remind anyone still around that I honestly haven’t ditched this blog, or my plans to move to Norway and live in a van. Like I said in my last post, it’s just a slow process and one that I cannot move forward with until certain events unfold. Sadly, I don’t know when said events will unfold, so until then it’s merely a matter of having patience and focusing on life in the present rather than the future.

I did make some decisions. I am going to take driving lessons in Norway instead of England. I want to learn how to drive on Norwegian roads, since I’ll be living and driving in Norway, after all. My friend who lives in Stavanger will be able to legally give me a few beginner lessons and some theory advice before I start paying for them. That’ll be good. At the very least just sitting in her car and learning where everything is will make me feel better.

Nothing much to update on that front, right now. I figured I’d just share some ways in which you can support my venture:

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