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It may appear at first glance that I have abandoned this blog – not so. Everything I am doing is a painfully slow and long process, so updating every time I throw out some junk or whatnot would probably be worse than foregoing posting for a couple of weeks.

In preparation news, I have trimmed down some more of my belongings. I gave away some books to my sister, and sold a huge chunk of DVDs, BluRays and Video Games for cash. My shelves are actually beginning to look emptier week by week and it feels good because it reminds me that, although I can’t do all this overnight – heck, perhaps not even in the next twelve months – but I can and will do it.

One thing I haven’t yet completed is my provisional licence application. Due to not currently owning a passport, there is a whole costly, messy process I have to go through involving getting a photo, getting an appointment with a lawyer so he can sign the photo, then sending it back to the DVLA etc – the problem with this is I have about seven days to do all of it. So instead, I am going to await my refund from the initial application, get my passport (and therefore photo) first, and then it will be much, much easier to get my provisional without all this hassle.

It’s a learning curve, and a big one, but I’ll get there. For reasons I won’t go into I’ve been cajoled into a life of awkward co-dependence much of my adult life, not really being allowed to find my own way, make mistakes and learn. Having lots of things done for you makes simple things a challenge, but I’m working on this!

In other news, if you look to the right you’ll see a link to an early draft copy of my novel Ain’t No Grave, which you can currently read for free on Wattpad. Eventually I’ll be removing it from the internet and submitting it to a publisher for hopeful release (a good, honest way of earning money while I am on the road, no doubt), but even if that’s a no-go, I can always release it myself. I am very excited about this book, and if you want to read it click here to check it out.

I am trying to do everything I can right now to make money without having to ask for it. Yes, I have both a PayPal and a Patreon, but unless I absolutely have to, I really don’t want to go there just yet. I still haven’t made my peace with how it just feels like scrounging instead of earning (even though pledging is entirely optional). Being a painter, I am also going to set up my store on my personal domain scoutdawson.com (not yet activated), as when I get on the road I won’t be able to sell paintings any more.

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